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Ski pass prices and rates Ski Arlberg

Experience a new dimension of skiing
Thanks to the linking of the ski areas Warth-Schröcken with Lech Zürs, Warth-Schröcken is now part of the ski association "Ski Arlberg". This opens up an entirely new dimension of skiing for guests from Warth-Schröcken, placing the complete Arlberg up to St. Anton at their feet beginning in the 2013/2014 winter season! For you, this means even more fun on the slopes, even more joy in the deep powder snow, even more lifts and cableways to bring to the loveliest starting points.

The Ski Arlberg ski pass is valid in the whole Arlberg ski region.

Tariff excerpt Ski Arlberg ski pass, high season 2016-17:

Days Adults Children Yout Seniors Snow men Senior active
2001-2008 1997-2000 1943-1952 2009 and younger 1942 and older
1 day 52,00 31,00 47,50 47,50 10,00 24,00
3 days 148,00 89,00 131,00 131,00 ---- 70,00
6 days 262,00 157,00 227,00 227,00 ---- ----
Season ski pass 805,00 459,00 681,00 681,00 10,00 120,00
- Tariffs valid from Dec. 24th 2016 to March 31st 2017
- Please note further tariffs and all price settings in the PDF below (download)

All tariffs at a glance:

Here you will find all tariffs of both high and low seasons:

Rates Ski Arlberg 2016-17

Flexible day passes for the ski area "Ski Arlberg"

Holders of a valid 3-Täler multiple-day pass (2.5-21 day), 3-Täler season pass and Warth-Schröcken season pass have the opportunity to purchase a deeply discounted day pass for the ski area "Ski Arlberg". This special day pass is available throughout the entire Ski Arlberg area as well as POS in Warth-Schröcken.

Tariffs for flexible Ski Arlberg day passes, 2016-17:

Holders of 3-Täler-Ski passes (multiple days) Holders of 3-Täler or Warth-Schröcken season pass
Adults 21,00 35,00
Senior 1952 and older 19,00 32,00
Youth 1997-2000 19,00 32,00
Children 2001-2008 16,00 21,00
Snowmen 2009 and younger 7,00 7,00
Senior active 1942 and older ----- 16,00
- Prices per person and day
- This flexible day-ski passes demand for the Ski Arlberg price settings and their age-gropus
- For more information please call our ski lift companies: +43 5583 3601 or +43 5583 4259

If you need more information about the different ski pass rates, the staff of the Warth-Schröcken ski lifts are at your service:

Ski lifts Warth: +43 (0)5583 3601, skilifte@warth.co.at, www.warth-schroecken.at
Ski lifts Schröcken: +43 (0)5583 4259, saloberski@snowworld.net, www.warth-schroecken.at