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Warth-Schröcken bus schedule

Relevant bus schedules for travelling to Warth-Schröcken

Ski bus / village bus Warth-Schröcken

The Warth-Schröcken ski bus can be used free of charge in the free rate zone between Schröcken-Unterboden bus stop and Warth-Lechleiten. The ski bus can be used free of charge to/from Reutte with a valid 3-Täler pass (for the purpose of Alpine sports, ski passes for groups and travel agency excepted)

Skibus Warth-Schröcken valid until April 17, 2017

Lechtal bus from Reutte

Line 4268 from Reutte Central Station
via Elbigenalp, Bach, Holzgau, Steeg to Warth and Lech

Linie 4268 25.12.2016 - 17.04.2017

Bregenz Forest bus from Dornbirn

Line 40 from Dornbirn Central Station - Schröcken - Warth

Linie 40 Schoppernau-Bezau-Egg-Dornbirn und retour

Bregenz Forest bus from Schoppernau

Line 40a from Schoppernau to Schröcken and Warth (and further to Lech in summer)

Linie 40a Lech-Warth-Schröcken-Schoppernau und retour

Bregenz Forest bus from Bezau

Line 35 from Bregenz Central Station via Egg to Bezau and back.
To reach Warth-Schröcken, change the bus to line 40 in Bezau.

Linie 35 Bezau-Egg-Bregenz und retour