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Ski pass prices and rates in Warth-Schröcken

In Warth-Schröcken you are spoilt with choices for a ski pass, but you can be very flexible.
Due to its attractive location in Vorarlberg, Warth-Schröcken is part of three ski associations: the Warth-Schröcken ski association, the 3-Täler-Pass ski association and the Ski Arlberg ski association. All three of these have different areas of validity that you can see in the table below:

Warth-Schröcken SA 3-Täler SA Ski Arlberg SA
Warth-Schröcken SP X
3-Täler SP X X
Ski Arlberg SP X X
SP = ski pass
SA = ski association (and/or ski area)
X marks the area of validity

Ski pass rates "Warth-Schröcken"

The "Warth-Schröcken" ski pass is available from 1 to 2.5 days and is only valid in the Warth-Schröcken ski area. It allows the use of all 14 lifts and cableways as well as 66 km of slopes and ski routes.

Hint: ski passes for more days are available either as a 3-Täler ski pass or as a Ski Arlberg ski pass.

Tariff excerpt ski pass Warth-Schröcken, high season 2016-17:

Adults Adults reduced Seniors Youth Children Snowmen
1 day 50,00 48,00 47,00 44,00 25,00 3,00
2 days 95,00 91,00 89,00 83,00 47,00 5,00
2,5 days 110,00 106,00 103,00 96,00 54,00 7,00
-Tariffs valid from Dec. 24th 2016 to March 3rd 2017
-For more tariffs (high and low season) please see PDF data below
-Age-groups see PDF data below

All tariffs at a glance (only German):


Ski pass rates "3-Täler-Pass"

The "3-Täler-Pass" ski pass is available from 2.5 days to 21 days. It allows the use of the Warth-Schröcken ski area AND 29 additional ski areas in the Bregenz Forest, Montafon, Großes Walsertal and the Tyrolean Lechtal.

Tariff excerpt 3-Täler ski pass, 2016-17:

Days Adults Adults Seniors Youth Children Snowmen
High season *Low season 1952 and older 1998 - 2000 2001 - 2010 2011 and younger
2.5 (from 11.30 am) 116,00 111,00 111,00 103,00 58,00 11,00
3 131,00 125,00 125,00 116,00 66,00 12,00
6 221,00 210,00 210,00 195,00 111,00 18,00
- *Low season: Dec. 8th to 23rd | Jan. 9th to 27th 2017 | March 13th to April 4th 2017
- For more tariffs and information please see PDF data below

All tariffs at a glance (only German):

Skipasstarife 3-Täler 2016-17

Flexible day passes for the ski area "Ski Arlberg"

Holders of a valid 3-Täler multiple-day pass (2.5-21 day), 3-Täler season pass and Warth-Schröcken season pass have the opportunity to purchase a deeply discounted day pass for the ski area "Ski Arlberg". This special day pass is available throughout the entire Ski Arlberg area as well as POS in Warth-Schröcken.

Tariffs for flexible Ski Arlberg day passes, 2016-17:

Holder of 3-Täler-Ski passes (lasting several days) Holder of 3-Täler or Warth-Schröcken season passes
Adults 21,00 35,00
Seniors 1952 and older 19,00 32,00
Youth 1997-2000 19,00 32,00
Children 2001-2008 16,00 21,00
Snowmen 2009 and younger 7,00 7,00
Senior active 1942 and older ----- 16,00
- Prices per person and day
- This flexible day-ski passes demand for the Ski Arlberg price settings and their age-gropus
- For more information please call our ski lift companies: +43 5583 3601 or +43 5583 4259

If you need more information about the different ski pass rates, the staff of the Warth-Schröcken ski lifts are at your service:

Ski lifts Warth: +43 (0)5583 3601, skilifte@warth.co.at, www.warth-schroecken.at

Ski lifts Schröcken: +43 (0)5583 4259, info@salober.at www.warth-schroecken.at