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Guided mountain tour "Braunarlspitze"

The queen of the Bregenz Forest, 2,649 m

The Braunarlspitze is the highest summit in the northern Lechquellengebirg mountains and thus easily visible from the Bregenz Forest. The tour has some difficult passage where some climbing experience as well as freedom from vertigo and surefootedness are required, as only some of these locations are secured with steel cable. You will be rewarded on the summit by a grandiose view.

When descending on the south-facing side, the courage will cool off by jumping into the crystal clear Butzensee.



DATES 2018.
Friday, 06.07. | 10.08. | 14.09.

6:30 am Schröcken church

approx. 8h

From Schröcken via Fellealpe to the Fellbachtal - up on the Fürggele - onward across the Weimar Steig over the exposed areas to the summit.

By the previous day, 12;00 pm, Tourismusbüro Warth +43 5583 35150 or Tourismusbüro Schröcken +43 5519 2670

Braunarlspitze and Butzensee

At 2,649 metres, the Braunarlspitze is the highest mountain of the northern Lechquellengebirg mountains and thus the most imposing mountain seen from the Bregenz Forest. The ascent can only be handled by the experience mountain climbers among us; conquering the summit involves more than hiking a ridge with exposed sections. The crystal clear awaits the hot mountain experts on the southern descent, offering a welcoming and cool refreshment.